Meet Silke Pflueger


Silke Pflueger

Meet Silke, Democratic Candidate for CA Senate District 1! 

  • Proud Californian, Businesswoman, and Safety Advocate
  • Laser Engineer and Non-profit Board Member
  • Immigrant who is deeply committed to getting her adoptive country back on track
  • Indivisible Organizer and Activist for Progressive Values:
    Accountability, Transparency, Empathy, Truth, Inclusion and Justice

Silke fell in love with the US during a graduate internship in Connecticut. She moved to Michigan in 1994, starting a subsidiary of a German R&D institution – all while driving her American dream car: an eight-cylinder Mustang convertible. In 1997 she followed the call of Silicon Valley and joined an industrial laser company in San Jose. Leaving the world of big corporations in 2004, she started US outposts for several European companies. Her communication and leadership skills were instrumental in successfully building those organizations. Throughout her career, Silke has travelled extensively in the US, Europe and Asia, gaining insight on social justice and economic policies within and beyond our borders. 

When Silke underwent treatment for breast cancer in 2013, she reevaluated her priorities and decided to apply her engineering training and creative problem solving skills to activism for progressive causes. She moved the center of her life to Truckee, California, where she was a co-founder and co-chair of Tahoe Truckee Indivisible, and has dedicated the past 6 years to political activism – leading and organizing peaceful protests and marches, and canvassing for progressive candidates.

Silke is committed to working tirelessly to enact legislation that benefits ALL Californians:

  • Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for all Californians, including those in Rural Areas
  • Fire Resiliency and Preparation; Timely Consumer Protection after disasters
  • Climate Change measures that protect our farming communities and winter tourism economy
  • Affordable Housing, so people can live in the communities in which they work
  • New Jobs throughout the District through affordable education, apprenticeship programs, and a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math)
  • Infrastructure Improvements, including for Transportation beyond fixing potholes
  • Keeping California on the current healthy fiscal track