Silke on the Issues

Silke is passionate about serving the people in our community and protecting the environment we depend upon for our health, safety and livelihood. She is deeply committed to listening to the concerns of her constituents, not those of outside interests or corporations.



As a breast cancer survivor, Silke’s number one issue is having access to affordable healthcare. If elected, she will fight for every Californian to get the healthcare they need, when they need it, and from the provider of their choice. Access to healthcare is not a privilege, it’s a basic human right. Read More


The federal government owns and manages the vast majority of California’s forest, yet the US Forest Service budget gets cut year after year, while the fire danger in our forests increases year after year. We saw the largest fires ever in each of the last 4 years, and we will see them again in the next years. Read More


Slow or no internet access is a major roadblock for economic development in many areas of Senate District 1. Silke will advocate building out high speed wired and wireless networks to all homes and businesses in SD1, which can be accomplished either in private-public partnerships or publicly owned infrastructure. Read More


Silke understands that climate change is real and the extreme weather events associated with it are a threat to our economy, environment, and health. Increased tree mortality, the number and severity of wildfires, flooding, reduced snowpack, and drought endangers our current way of life. Through reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, identifying vulnerabilities, and planning accordingly, we can tackle this problem head-on. Read More


Growing up in a European country with some of the best free public education in the world gave Silke a unique perspective among our senate candidates on education funding. She will push to adopt statewide policies and support local efforts to improve the quality of public education in the North State. Read More


2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, a milestone in the continuing struggle for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer equality. While much progress has been made, Silke believes there is still much work to be done to end discrimination against our LGBTQ population. Read More