Health Care

As a breast cancer survivor, Silke’s number one issue is having access to affordable healthcare. If elected, she will fight for every Californian to get the healthcare they need, when they need it, and from the provider of their choice. Access to healthcare is not a privilege, it’s a basic human right.

When faced with a serious illness, our first and only thoughts should be around how to become healthy, not how to pay for treatment. We cannot depend on a system where a GoFundMe is one of the main funding mechanisms for medical care of serious conditions, and where insurances encourage patients to beg for money.

The ACA (Affordable Care Act) was a step in the right direction, however it leaves too many uninsured; 3 million Californians are still uninsured. It is especially problematic in the border areas of Senate District 1, where often the only available ACA plans will not cover treatment in other states adequately, even though the closest provider may be in Nevada or Oregon.

Silke will also lead the fight to keep rural hospitals open while ensuring that they have adequate equipment and specialists.