Fire Resiliency

The federal government owns and manages the vast majority of California’s forest, yet the US Forest Service budget gets cut year after year, while the fire danger in our forests increases year after year. We saw the largest fires ever in each of the last 4 years, and we will see them again in the next years.

Silke’s goal is to empower residents and communities to create defensible spaces and improve their communities' fire resiliency by boosting education and outreach to landowners to teach them on the most effective ways to reduce vegetation and other forest-fire fuel sources. Beyond education, Silke will fight for funding that goes directly to communities and residents to improve the health of their forests and create defensible space, creating safer environments as well as much needed rural jobs.

As a longtime home-owner in fire-prone areas, Silke will also work to ensure that every homeowner has access to homeowner’s insurance, as well as ensure that insurance payouts are adequate and not bare-bones.

Finally, after seeing the inadequate FEMA response after the Butte and Camp fires, she will work with the state and the federal agencies on better emergency follow-up for wildfire victims.