Education and Job Training

Growing up in a European country with some of the best free public education in the world gave Silke a unique perspective among our senate candidates on education funding. She will push to adopt statewide policies and support local efforts to improve the quality of public education in the North State.

Because of her background, Silke also has firsthand experience with a system that pro-actively strengthens the relationships between higher education, workforce development, unions and employers. She knows how to utilize public resources to help education lead directly to apprenticeships and jobs.


Silke supports legislation that invests in California’s children by improving early education and school readiness initiatives, providing significant investments to yield exponential returns for students and schools.

It is vital for communities to partner with local school boards to effectively prioritize resource allocation. Silke will ensure that local educational agencies are fiscally stable, and resources are targeted to student populations the most in need of support.


Silke believes that California lawmakers should promote affordability, access, and efficiency in higher education, and she recognizes the importance of developing the skilled workforce needed for the state to meet its ever-changing workforce needs. Being the world’s 5th largest economy, California can, and should, make an undergraduate degree achievable for students from low- and middle-income families through reduced or no-tuition programs. Silke will fight for funding for two free years of community college for first-time, fulltime students.    

Based on her own experiences and career success, Silke will introduce apprenticeship and vocational programs that enable students to gain job skills that allow them to work for local employers.  She proposes that California establish a new educational institution in the North State, with Redding being a top choice for this initiative.

Silke also believes that unions should be strengthened and supported by state legislators, not weakened by anti-Labor policies like Right to Work. Unions can be integral partners in workforce development and retraining programs, and Silke looks forward to working with labor leaders in SD1.