Climate Change

Silke understands that climate change is real and the extreme weather events associated with it are a threat to our economy, environment, and health. Increased tree mortality, the number and severity of wildfires, flooding, reduced snowpack, and drought endangers our current way of life. Through reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, identifying vulnerabilities, and planning accordingly, we can tackle this problem head-on.

Silke supports incentives and investments in renewable energy technologies thereby reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, the single biggest contributor of greenhouse gases. Renewable energy investments will not only reduce global warming, they will also boost our economy since they are labor intensive and create more jobs per dollar invested than conventional electricity generation technologies. Renewable energy also uses primarily local resources, so most of the energy dollars can be kept here at home. Distributed energy and microgrid systems will also bring energy independence and resilience to our district.

Silke will promote climate change adaptation planning to deal with the climate events already occurring, reducing the vulnerability and increasing the capacity to recover quickly from natural disasters in our district. And Silke will protect and encourage a re-envisioning of our tourism economies already endangered by climate change.